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Cerchiepoca Performance wheels for Oldtimers

Cerchiepoca: alloy wheels for your vintage car

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Cerchiepoca is the ideal place for your vintage car, dedicated to thousands of loyal enthusiasts of the sector, who live and perpetuate the historic vehicle culture. We are proud to offer an immense catalog, among the richest in the world, made up of more than 130 different models of alloy wheels for your historic cars.

The cars appreciated by time, vehicles that are often the symbol of a epoch or of the technological and cultural progress of a people. The secret lies in proposing alloy wheels that perfectly recall the style of the wheels of past times and which therefore contribute to enhancing both the appearance, that the quotation of your car.

We put the passion, but we also put care, technology, modernity, for the benefit of your vintage car, both in terms of safety, efficiency and interchangeability of the product.

With our wheels the future allies with the past: from always one against the other, today one beside the other. Modern knowledge is combined with the historic auto culture and offers the possibility of driving with security, performance and guarantee of an unmistakable style.

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For races or gatherings? Answer: both and more ...

Our alloy wheels are obviously the ideal for gatherings, where it is a must to present a vehicle that is conforming to the style of the era and that therefore enhances the importance of the beauty of a culture that is always in fashion.

But above all, our wheels are really suitable for the racing world, because our cars today are vintage, but once they were sports! And still today they are sporty!

Our wheels for all days, because I want to use my classic car always. This allows me to express who I am and I'm realized. Driving my vintage car allows me to affirm my unmistakable and unique lifestyle. And I want to show it in all the charm of the beauty of his era.

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We have 8 good reasons (at least) to choose our wheels

  1. Appreciation of the car: Your car maintains and increases its price, if fitted with components that recall the era style. For example, it often happens that our customers thank us, because our wheels made easy and profitable the sale of their classic car, equipped with our wheels;
  2. 3 year warranty: Our alloy wheels have a 3 year warranty, so any non-visible defect suffered at the time of installation is recognized and managed from the producer;
  3. TUV Certification: Our alloy wheels have a TUV approval, that certifies the safety and the high technological level of production at international level;
  4. NO inner air chambers: Our rims are Tubeless, we only make wheels that don't need inner tubes, so on the one hand this makes your driving safe, on the other it makes it possible to adopt modern tires, of current production, characterized by low cost and high performance;
  5. Technology: The high technological level of construction makes it possible to use your alloy rim also in racing. In fact, many of our customers regularly participate in the most famous national and foreign sporting events;
  6. Security: Our wheels are above all safe rims, thanks to the adoption of a light aluminum alloy which guarantees the right resistance and malleability of the material at a low weight, in most cases less than the weight of an iron wheel of original equipment;
  7. Variety of choice: for every vintage car brand and model we often have more models of rims in production, all of which adapt to the style of your car and which constitute a approved style variant and consolidated for your classic car. So you can have fun, periodically changing the style of your machine and being able to admire it and make it appreciated, sporting wheels that recall different styles of tuning of the era, produced in different sizes, all always approved by history;
  8. Historicity: Because your classic car has high historical value and this is for us all a commitment to the conservation of the era style, and to the use of wheels that reproduce the same look as the moment in which your car was in production. So it is only right to choose parts that can enhance the historical value of your car, absolutely avoiding all modern production rims and all wheels that involve a ridicolous increase in size, not in use at the time of production and circulation of your car.
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Who needs our wheels? 5 categories of people, to which you belong?

After years at the service of our passionate customers, today we are able to state that those who need our wheels are divided into 5 categories:
  1. Fans of historic cars in general, who will notice how our wheels fit into their vintage cars, as our wheels guarantee your car the vintage style characteristic of its time.
  2. Who wants to live fully their car, using it and showing it off, without having to sacrifice its original components, using wheels of common availability and at affordable prices;
  3. Who wants to change the style to their car, without losing in terms of appearance and historicity of the vehicle;
  4. Those who use their vintage car in the racing world and want to find spare parts in an easy way, but at the same time want to run the races, showing the classic style of their car;
  5. Who wants to show an appearance appropriate to the historical canons of their vintage car, but wants to definitively abandon the use of wheels with air chambers, for reasons of practicality, but above all safety: our wheels are Tubeless.
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And finally ... Who doesn't need our wheels?

All of us classic car enthusiasts have bought our car complete with its wheels, often original, made of iron, in other cases they have been replaced over the life of our car. So in theory the answer could be anyway: << I shouldn't need your wheels ... >>.

In reality, there are always reasons that make it reasonable to buy new alloy wheels and justify the fitting of our wheels on your car.

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Here are 3 reasons:

  1. Equipment of the era: if your car has original, sporting, ultralight vintage-style wheels, we advise you to reserve them for more important purposes, for example, events, classic conventions and in all other cases you can store them and guard them jealously, as they are often rare components , hard to find and that also they complete the collector's value of your classic car;
  2. Preservation of the original component: often the wheels of origin of your vintage car are extraordinarily delicate, as for example because produced with very delicate and specials materials, or simply because they are components that are behind them 30 or 40 years of use ... So they can be easily damaged. Then we suggest that you equip your vehicle with our quality aftermarket wheels and show off the beauty of your classic car without the fear of having to ruin your original components;
  3. Difficulty in finding supplies: imagine going out with your classic car and suffering a sinister resulting in serious damage to one of the rims, in original alloy, for example a special magnesium alloy, high collectable value, produced by one of the historic brands, be it Campagnolo, or Cromodora, etc ... Try to think about how difficult it can be to find a spare wheels of the same type, which is original, in good condition, and - last but not least - in the the same aesthetic state of the finishing? It is absolutely a real << mission impossible >>. Well, if you equip your car with faithful reproductions, you can always have your spare wheel available and above all low prices, without anyone taking advantage of your need, as always available in stock.
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